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Telemarketing Tips - Top five ways to get past a gatekeeper

In this article we are going to look at the top five ways to get past a gatekeeper, which will increase the number of key conversations you have and therefore increase the number of sales you make.

Ah, the gatekeeper. The arch nemesis of the telemarketer… Or are they?

We are all the same, we all go to work with a job to do. Salespeople sell, gatekeepers… keep gate?

If you feel like you are there to battle gatekeepers, you are already in a negative position. You don’t need to battle them; they are there to put you in touch with the person who gets you paid!

Have a think about the following tips and feel free to drop us a line with your thoughts.

Reign in the excitement

A large part of telesales is conveying the passion and excitement you have for your product or service to your chosen targets.

Your chosen target isn’t the gate keeper and the moment you are too over excited at this part of the process, you will lose.

Gatekeepers are dealing with sales calls all day long and they can spot you from a mile away.

It is essential to remain calm, relaxed and professional if you want to get past the more proficient gatekeepers.

Be confident

Confidence comes with experience but while you are learning it is important to convey confidence, even if you are not.

It is extremely unlikely that a gatekeeper is going to put you through to any sort of key decision maker within an organisation if you sound nervous or inexperienced.

It is essential so come across as someone who is measured, patient and confident. Someone who is worth their boss’s time and sounds like they are on the same level of seniority as them.

Less is more

A confident experience salesperson doesn’t use flowery language or apologise for their existence to a gatekeeper.

They keep things short and to the point!

So, no more – “Hi, sorry to bother you but I was hoping to speak to Joe Bloggs” more – “Joe Bloggs please”

This gives the impression that you are just as senior and just as busy as the person you need to speak to.

Don’t pitch!

If all the salespeople in all the world, had a pound for every time they got a call back from someone in the organisation having been promised by a gatekeeper “ok, I will pass that on for you”, they would have exactly zero pounds.

It never happens. Never pitch the gatekeeper, it is a waste of your time theirs.

Practice, practice, practice

With practice comes perfection, but if you want to get up to speed quickly, you have to work at your craft.

Putting the hours in builds confidence and through trial and error you will probably work it out, but if you are serious, take a more objective approach.

Listen back to some of your calls. How do you sound? Would you put you through? What can you improve on?

The next steps

When it comes to getting past the gatekeeper, there is no one size fits all approach that will work, but following the above tips will certainly help.

Understand that you will get rejected and that some gatekeepers are simply ferocious. In some instances, it doesn’t matter what you say, you simply aren’t getting through.

However, these are the exception, not the rule, and if you stick at and remember that gate keepers are human beings, just like you and I, you will see that you can get through more often than not.

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