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Quality b2b Data | Frequently Asked Questions

How is your quality b2b data sourced?

We work with the UK's leading data aggregator who have been voted 'Outstanding b2b Data Provider of the Year' for the last five years.

The take the very best parts of the top five data houses in the UK which they then use to create their 'mega base' which is what we drill down in to and select the perfect records for your campaigns.

Established for over thirty years, they have a fantastic reputation and supply the best b2b data file we have ever worked with.

How accurate is your data?

The b2b data we supply is guaranteed accurate to industry high standards.

We must achieve a minimum of:

98% postal address accuracy

90% telephone number and contact name accuracy

90% email address accuracy

Should we fall below any of the above minimum benchmarks we are obliged to provide a like for like replacement.

This means that customers can buy from us with total confidence, knowing that they have a safety net in place.

When was the data last cleaned?

As you can imagine, to maintain the database to meet the minimum accuracy guarantees it is continually being cleansed, checked and verified.

The main data houses run a through screening and cleansing process via telemarketing before our media partner then runs an ongoing 40-point quality check monthly.

This practices combined ensure that the data we supply is always at its peak.

What makes you different?

We believe that all businesses in the UK deserve access to the very best marketing solutions, at an affordable rate and that those solutions should generate a healthy ROI.

What separates us from our competitors though, isn’t just the fact that we supply superior data, it’s that we take time to understand exactly what you are looking for and deliver a solution that matches it perfectly.

RDM are here to help you make sense of all the options available to you and only supply quotes on products and services that will clearly benefit your sales and marketing efforts.

What does a record include?

Given that we go through a full consultancy process, the file that we will release to you will be bespoke, but as general rule, records can include the following:

Company name

Full postal address

Contact first name

Contact second name

Job title

Job role

TPS checked telephone number

Named, departmental or generic email address


Number of employees

Company turnover

Line of business


SIC description

Is your data GDPR compliant?

Yes, absolutely!

Compliancy is something that we take extremely seriously. As such, it is the first topic we look at on our website and have dedicated a full page to it here.

How would your data integrate with our CRM?

We supply our data in either excel or .csv format.

All you have to do, is request that your file is delivered in .csv format and should you need us to, we can format the columns accordingly.

We have worked with just about every CRM going and never had any issues. However, should anything come up, we are on hand to help in any way that we can.

How much does your data cost?

"The more you buy, the cheaper it gets"

Our pricing structure is totally volume dependent so it would be great to speak to you today about your specific needs so that we can put a quote to you.

What format does your data come in?

We supply all our b2b data in excel or .csv format.

When will I receive my database?

Upon payment we get to work on extracting and delivering your data.

Any orders placed before 14:00 are delivered before the close of business on the same day.

For orders placed after 14:00 your data is despatched before midday on the following day.

What other services do you supply apart from data supply?

Database Cleansing

One of the main responses we get from prospective clients is "we have been in business for x number of years and have a great database already". That is great news for us because we can help make it even better!

We can complete incomplete records, correct spelling errors, reformat addresses, remove obsolete data, improve legality.

Data decays annually and it is essential to maintain the accuracy of your existing database.

By using this very simple yet highly effective service we can save you money, increase responsiveness and importantly ensure legality.

Nothing breeds confidence in your campaigns more than having a clean and responsive database that generates leads.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your existing database even better.

Database Enrichment

Our data experts can drill down into your current database to identify your customers and find more of them.

We can give you a detailed description of their key attributes by location, size, and sector.

By going through this process we can save you money, generate customer profiles and create new matched contacts.

What is of key importance to us, and the reason we were set up as a business, was to ensure that every product we supply matches our customers needs exactly.

This service typifies our dedication to do just that. We take all the passion we have for data and apply it to your existing customer database to find more of the businesses that you could be working with.

Call us today to find out how our data experts can transform the way you buy data.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing partners are seasoned email professionals. They know what works and they know that the old way of doing email is dead. The mass mailings sent out to your entire subscriber list indiscriminately. The overly persistent messaging that overwhelms your customers and ends up labelled as spam. The messages that sound great to marketers, but offer nothing to your customers.

In its place is the new breed of email that cuts through the clutter with highly targeted, personalised content that engages your audience and keeps them opening again and again. This breed of email generates tangible, trackable results for businesses, but not everyone has the skills or resource to get these results in-house.

If you fall into this category, call us today to find out how we can help.

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