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376 Mile Make a Wish Walk

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Between January 19th and February 15th, the Results Driven Marketing Team will be embarking on a 376 mile sponsored walk to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Make-A-Wish UK grants magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Granting their wish provides seriously ill children with hope for the future, strength to cope, and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and given the chance to make magical memories they can treasure forever – whatever their future may hold. We want to transform the lives of 1,000 children this year by granting their One True Wish!

Total raised so far - £510

You can follow our journey below and make a donation here.

Challenge Day 1 - Wednesday 20th January

What a day to start a challenge, torrential rain but as the saying goes, “there is no time like the present”, and if we are to get these miles completed by the 15th February then we’ve got to get out in all weather.

I will introduce us as we go on today’s walk, we had Iain the Director of Results Driven Marketing his wife Laura, their children Luke and Emily and of course the office dog Murray.

Day 1 Distance Covered - 3.91 miles

Total Distance Covered - 3.91miles

Distance Remaining - 372.09 miles

Challenge Day 2 - Thursday 21st January

An evening walk today from Iain and Laura pushed the distance covered on by over 7 miles.

It was extremely windy along the sea front but they got wrapped up and gave up two hours of their evening to raise donations.

The rest of the team are due to start their walks from day three onwards, so we should start to see the miles covered rack up.

We are committed to covering the full distance before February 15th and sincerely appreciate all donations.

All charities are under extreme pressure at the moment due to the pandemic and every little really helps them.

More information on the Make-a-Wish Foundation can be found here.

And you can support them via this link.

Day 2 Distance Covered - 7.20 miles

Total Distance Covered - 11.11 miles

Distance Remaining - 364.89 miles

Challenge Day 3 - Friday 22nd January

Friday evening saw two of the team get miles in to support the cause.

Iain gave up 2.5 hours of his Friday evening to put 7.69 miles towards the 376 mile total, as shown on the left.

Laura put in 3.13 miles, as shown above, also on Friday evening.

Day 3 Distance Covered - 10.82 miles

Total Distance Covered - 21.93 miles

Distance Remaining - 354.07 miles

Challenge Day 4 - Saturday 23rd January

Day 4 saw Steven put in an effort of 4.56 miles to help the team total.

His route took him along the iconic Newcastle Quayside.

It's absolutely fantastic to see the team giving up part of their weekend to support the fantastic Make-a-Wish Foundation, which is what this is all about.

Laura also got out on Saturday afternoon and with that being the case Murray the Boxer had to get in on the action.

Laura and Murray covered 6.33 miles and by the looks of his foamy face, Murray had a great time.

Iain covered 6.35 miles on Saturday afternoon too, which makes this the most miles covered in a day so far.

Make-A-Wish UK grants magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Granting their wish provides seriously ill children with hope for the future, strength to cope, and resilience to fight their condition. They’re given quality time away from the daily realities of living with their condition and given the chance to make magical memories they can treasure forever – whatever their future may hold. We want to transform the lives of 1,000 children this year by granting their One True Wish!

If you appreciate what the team are doing for this amazing cause you can show your support here

Day 4 Distance Covered - 17.24 miles

Total Distance Covered - 39.17 miles

Distance Remaining - 336.83 miles

Challenge Day 5 - Sunday 24th January

Day 5 of our challenge saw another three of the team brave the cold.

Laura (left), covered 2.26 miles, Iain (centre) covered 2.33 miles and Steven (right) covered 3.14 miles.

Day 5 Distance Covered - 7.73miles

Total Distance Covered - 42.13 miles

Distance Remaining - 333.87 miles

Challenge Day 6 - Monday 25th January

Monday saw a terrific effort from the team to really put a dent in the distance remaining. It's certainly not getting any warmer in the North East, but everyone is getting out and doing their bit.

Jonathan got the team going with a walk of just shy of 5 miles.

His route took him past St. James' Park, which he stopped to take a snap of on the way past.

Steven added another 2 miles to the total as he got out for a walk through Jesmond Dene.

Although a shorter walk, the miles all add up and will be needed it we are to reach our 376 mile target before February 15th.

Laura put a fantastic effort on Monday, walking over 10 miles.

Her route included a walk along Whitley Bay sea front which looks fantastic at that time of the morning.

Day 6 Distance Covered - 17.16 miles

Total Distance Covered - 59.29 miles

Distance Remaining - 316.71 miles

Challenge Day 7 - Tuesday 26th January

So today marked the end of the first full week of our 376 mile Make-a-Wish Walk challenge.

Jonathan got the day started again with a really good effort of just over five miles.

This morning walk was then followed up by Laura who got her kids out on their bikes and took them for a long walk. She accidentally stopped her watch so her distance of 8.10 miles is split over both images below.

Iain also managed a walk of over 6 miles which gave us a total for the day of above our required daily average.

Day 7 Distance Covered - 19.15 miles

Total Distance Covered - 78.74 miles

Distance Remaining - 297.26 miles

Great effort so far from the whole team!

Challenge Day 8 - Wednesday 27th January

Into week two of the challenge, we still have a lot of miles to cover, but the team are digging in and getting as much distance covered as they can.

Steven covered 2.35 miles and Laura covered 7.05 miles and Iain chipped in with 3.11 miles.

Day 8 Distance Covered - 12.51 miles

Total Distance Covered - 91.25 miles

Distance Remaining - 284.75 miles

Challenge Day 9 - Thursday 28th January

Thursday saw three of the team out and about again. Jonathan got the day started with a walk of over 4 miles and Iain and Laura both getting our for evening walks.

Day 9 Distance Covered - 10.59 miles

Total Distance Covered - 101.84 miles

Distance Remaining - 274.16 miles

Challenge Day 10 - Friday 29th January

Although we are racking up the miles, it is definitely getting tougher to get the number of required miles in every day.

All the demands the team have on their time at the moment make this a really difficult task but day 10 still saw three of the team getting out there and putting in the hard yards.

Laura managed to get out in the morning and evening with two walks that covered 6.23 miles in total.

Iain got out for an evening walk of 3.25 miles and Jonathan covered 3.59 miles in the morning.

Day 10 Distance Covered - 13.07 miles

Total Distance Covered - 114.91 miles

Distance Remaining - 261.09 miles

Challenge Day 11 - Saturday 30th January

Steven got the team up and running on Saturday with an afternoon walk with his partner Catherine.

They put 5.43 miles on the board and its great to see the team being supported all the way.

Laura and Iain both got out for walks on Saturday too.

Iain covered 7.84 miles and Laura managed a fantastic 9.64 miles.

Jonathan got out in the afternoon supported by his daughter Daisy.

Day 11 Distance Covered - 24.12 miles

Total Distance Covered - 139.03 miles

Distance Remaining - 236.77 miles

Challenge Day 12 - Sunday 31st January

Having fallen behind our daily average required throughout the week, Saturday and Sunday have really made up for it.

Jonathan put in a fantastic effort of 7.12 miles on Sunday morning which took in some of the Newcastle's landmarks.

Iain and Laura also got out for walks on Sunday to add to the teams total.

Iain covered 6.67 miles and Laura 6.21 miles

Day 12 Distance Covered - 20 miles

Total Distance Covered - 159.03 miles

Distance Remaining - 216.77 miles

Challenge Day 13 - Monday 1st February

After covering 44 miles between us over the weekend, it was great to see all four team members getting out and covering miles today.

Day 13 Distance Covered - 12.75 miles

Total Distance Covered - 171.78 miles

Distance Remaining - 204.22 miles

Challenge Day 14 - Tuesday 2nd February

A really cold morning, but Jonathan got out early on and got us started for the day covering 3.23 miles.

Iain and Laura also got walks in and covered a good bit of ground themselves.

Day 14 Distance Covered - 10.44 miles

Total Distance Covered - 182.22 miles

Distance Remaining - 193.78 miles

Challenge Day 15 - Wednesday 3rd February

Day 15 saw two of the team venture the cold and get out walking.

Laura got out for two walks covering 9.42 miles in total and Iain added 3.23 miles.

Day 15 Distance Covered - 12.65 miles

Total Distance Covered - 194.87 miles

Distance Remaining - 181.13 miles

Challenge Day 16 - Thursday 4th February

All for of the team contributed to the total today.

Steven contributed 2.46 miles, Iain 3.23 miles, Jonathan 3.66 miles and Laura, 4.08 miles.

Day 16 Distance Covered - 13.43 miles

Total Distance Covered - 208.30 miles

Distance Remaining - 167.7 miles

Challenge Day 17 - Friday 5th February

Iain and Laura both got out for walks for Friday.

Laura covered 6.24 miles and Iain 3.23.

Going to need to pick up the pace if we are do all 376 miles before Feb 15th!

Day 17 Distance Covered - 9.47 miles

Total Distance Covered - 217.77 miles

Distance Remaining - 158.23 miles

Challenge Day 18 - Saturday 6th February

So, last weekend really made a huge difference to the total miles covered as we covered over 45 miles in 2 says between the team.

Steven got us started with an effort of 5.33 miles and did it sporting a Make-A-Wish t-shirt.

Laura and Iain also managed walks on Saturday, Iain getting out twice to add some miles to the total.

Laura covered 6.23 miles and Iain 6.87 miles.

Day 18 Distance Covered - 18.43 miles

Total Distance Covered - 236.20 miles

Distance Remaining - 139.80 miles

Challenge Day 19 - Sunday 7th February

Definitely fair to say that the weather has been challenging all week and today was no different.

Steven got another really good walk in covering 5.52 miles, Iain managed 4.62 miles and Laura, 4.65 miles.

Day 19 Distance Covered - 14.75 miles

Total Distance Covered - 250.99 miles

Distance Remaining - 125.01 miles

Challenge Day 20 - Monday 8th February

After covering a fair distance over the weekend, it was great to see all four of the team getting out in the snow today to do their bit.

Jonathan got the team started with a morning walk covering 5.50 miles. Great start to the day.

Steven got out and covered 2.96 miles.

Later on in the evening, Iain and Laura both got walks in too.

Iain covered 4.57 miles and Laura, 4.58 miles.

Day 20 Distance Covered - 17.61 miles

Total Distance Covered - 268.60 miles

Distance Remaining - 107.40 miles

Challenge Day 21 - Tuesday 9th February

Another great day for the team today with everyone covering miles.

As usual, Jonathan got the day started with a cracking effort of 6.27 miles and got some great snaps too.

Laura was next out with an evening walk of 3.13 miles, Steven also covered 3.60 miles and Iain got in 3.03 miles.

Day 21 Distance Covered - 16.03 miles

Total Distance Covered - 284.63 miles

Distance Remaining - 91.07 miles

Challenge Day 22 - Wednesday 10th February

Day 22 saw only two of the team get out, but conditions are worsening so it is understandable.

We are going to need to pick up the pace from today though.

Iain covered 3.15 miles and Laura 3 miles.

Day 22 Distance Covered - 6.15 miles

Total Distance Covered - 290.78 miles

Distance Remaining - 85.22 miles

Challenge Day 23 - Thursday 11th February

Thursday saw Jonathan get out early on covering 3.55 miles. Some amazing picture taken too.

Steven was next out with a great effort of 4.48 miles.

Laura also got out covering 4.31 miles.

Iain also got a walk of 5.10 miles finishing off a great day for the team.

Day 23 Distance Covered - 17.44 miles

Total Distance Covered - 308.22 miles

Distance Remaining - 67.78 miles

Challenge Day 24 - Friday 12th February

Steven covered 3.62 miles on Friday with a walk which took him through Newcastle city centre.

Iain and Laura also got out for walks on Friday. Iain covered 4.68 miles and Laura 4.19 miles.

Day 24 Distance Covered - 12.49 miles

Total Distance Covered - 320.71 miles

Distance Remaining - 55.29 miles

Challenge Day 25 - Saturday 13th February

Steven managed to cover 5.24 miles which is a great contribution to the team total.

Laura covered 3.13 miles and Iain 3.00 miles.

Day 25 Distance Covered - 11.37 miles

Total Distance Covered - 332.08 miles

Distance Remaining - 43.92 miles

Challenge Day 26 - Sunday 14th February

So, the penultimate day of our challenge began with a long way yet to go.

it meant that due to commitments, some of the team had to get out a couple of times and break their walks up but it was a great effort.

Steven, got two walks in covering a total distance of 5.08 miles.

Laura covered managed to cover 9.32 miles and Iain, over three separate walks covered 9.03 miles.

Jonathan also got out on a walk today covering 3.38 miles which means that the whole team contributed today.

Day 26 Distance Covered - 26.81 miles

Total Distance Covered - 358.89 miles

Distance Remaining - 17.11 miles

Challenge Day 27 - Monday 15th February

The final day! The snow has cleared and the sun is finally out!

Laura covered a whopping 13.78 miles to finish the challenge have walked nearly a marathon in the last two days.

Iain and Steven also covered distances today and helped us reach the target.

Day 27 Distance Covered - 17.62 miles

Total Distance Covered - 376.51 miles

Distance Remaining - 0 miles!!!!

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