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Looking to build your own b2b marketing database?

build your own b2b marketing database

Building your own b2b marketing database is a relatively simple thing to do and in this article, we will explore the best ways to go about it.

Where to start?

The most important starting point is to work out what you have already got.

To this pull together all files that you think might be relevant and standardise them in the same format.

This is a good idea for two reasons:

1. It gives you an idea of the volume of data you currently hold

2. It will show you where the weaknesses in your data are and therefore the areas you would like to strengthen.

What next?

Once you have all your files organised in one place and format you need to clean your database.

If you are running telemarketing you can ask staff to amend any incorrect information and from an email marketing standpoint you should be removing any hard bounces because continually sending emails to them will have a detrimental effect on your sending profile.

After that?

Once you have gone through your existing database and cleaned it up, you can look to strengthen those areas of weakness by buying new data.

Results Driven Marketing will work with you to firstly append any missing information and then profile your data.

What is data profiling?

Briefly, data profiling is the process of looking at your existing data and its key recurring indicators.

We can look at the sectors, size of organisation by employees and turnover, locations and types of premises within your existing database and then run a count of data within our file that matches that criteria.

More information on database cleaning and profiling can be found in this helpful guide.


Follow these simple steps to build your own supercharged direct marketing database:

1. Pull all your files together and standardise the format

2. Cleanse your data

3. Append missing information

4. Use data profiling to buy new data that matches your target markets precisely

Results Driven Marketing have a wealth of experience in working with companies across all industry sectors.

We work diligently with clients to understand their existing provision and move them towards the goal of creating an in-house database that is highly accurate, responsive and lead generating.

If you are interested in talking to us further, feel free to drop us a line on 0191 406 6399 or at

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