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Give your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy a Boost!

LinkedIn has become a channel to drive traffic, generate quality leads, build authority, and more.

Fifty-five million companies are on LinkedIn, and 96% of B2B content marketers leverage LinkedIn for organic social marketing.

With a well-executed LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can build your brand and establish long-lasting relationships with your prospects. LinkedIn is a great platform for creating brand visibility and nurturing qualified leads by posting engaging content and participating in industry discussions.

To help you navigate LinkedIn marketing to establish your brand and customer relations, we have listed a few LinkedIn marketing tips in this blog.

  • What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

  • Importance of a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

  • How to Set Up LinkedIn Marketing Page

  • LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business In 2022

What Is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn was created to make it easier for people to display their skills and get better job opportunities. However, in recent years, the platform has changed a lot. LinkedIn marketing can be used to make connections to generate leads. To promote your brand, create business relationships, and partnerships.

LinkedIn marketing allows users to share content and drive traffic to their website. Including LinkedIn in your brand's marketing efforts, you can use valuable features associated with analytics, connections, and brand-building.

Importance of LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for your Business

Let’s look at the importance of LinkedIn marketing.

You may often put all your effort towards social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in terms of social media marketing. These platforms are great to reach out to your potential clients.

Including LinkedIn in your marketing strategy can lead to opportunities to get potential customers. LinkedIn generates leads more effectively than Facebook and Twitter, making it a necessary platform for your business when it comes to marketing.

Refrain from pushing your business or hard-selling your product on LinkedIn though. You need to plan a different approach based on the network to get your desired result.

A solid LinkedIn marketing approach could be critical to a B2B company's growth because it helps you develop brand recognition, increase high-quality leads, website traffic, and more. Sales pitches don't work on LinkedIn. You need an approach to aligning your business goals.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Marketing Page

Have you noticed that you have an active LinkedIn profile, and yet you only access your profile occasionally? This is definitely not uncommon. Studies have shown that an average LinkedIn user spends about 17 minutes on the platform.

However, LinkedIn is one of the largest networks of companies. While it is easy to create a LinkedIn Marketing Page or a LinkedIn Business Page, there are a few criteria that you must fulfil. The requirements are:

  • Your personal profile must be at least 7 days old.

  • Your personal profile must have your real first and last names.

  • You must be listed as an employee of the company, under “experience” of your LinkedIn profile, of the company you want to create a LinkedIn Marketing Page.

  • The company you want to create an account for must have its own unique website, and a company email.

If you meet these few requirements, you can create your LinkedIn Marketing Page.

Set Up LinkedIn Marketing Page.

Here are the steps to create your LinkedIn Marketing. To create the LinkedIn Marketing page, you have to log in to your personal LinkedIn account:

  • Go to your dashboard.

  • Go to the Work icon in the top right corner.

  • Scroll right to the bottom of the pop-up window.

  • Click on the Create a company page button.

You will then be asked by LinkedIn about the type of page you want to create. You can choose from Small Business, Medium to Large Business, Educational Institution, and Showcase page.

Small Business is businesses with less than 200 employees. Medium to Large is businesses with more than 200 employees.

Filling Out The Profile

You now need to fill in the details of your Marketing Page. Starting with the company name, you have to further fill out the company's size, the type of your company, add the company's website, and then the industry that your company belongs to. You can further add company logos, and also write down the company tagline.

Now follow the next steps by entering the required information about the company, check the box that says that you are an authorised representative of the company. Once done, you can click on the Create button.

You now have a LinkedIn Marketing Page for your business. Simply creating an account will not necessarily bring followers to your company. For that, you should follow the following steps.

Ornamentation Of The LinkedIn Marketing Page

After creating a LinkedIn Marketing Page, the first thing you must do is to add a face to your page. Personalising your page will help it stands out in the crowd

Cover photo: The cover photo that appears at the top of your account could be your company's picture.

Summary: You should next add a very compelling summary to your LinkedIn page. Make use of all 2000 characters in order to tell the viewers who look at your LinkedIn Marketing Page; everything from what you do, to how you function. This step will help promote your page and tell job candidates why they should join your company. You must never forget to add relevant keywords in your summary so that your page shows up in searches. You should also include keywords all throughout your page.

Location: It is always wise for you to add the location of your company to your LinkedIn Marketing Page. It makes it easy for users to locate your page while assuring your page shows up more in searches. It also shows the legitimacy of your page.

Regular updates: You have done almost everything that is needed to make people notice your LinkedIn Marketing Page, making them want to check your company out. To keep users interested in your account, you must keep your page updated.

This can be done by regularly posting content on your Marketing Page. You don’t have to always come up with something unique. You could simply post your existing blogs and stories. You could also keep your followers updated on events your company is hosting or attending.

Regular updates will ensure that your page regularly keeps your followers engaged, and drive followers towards the business, or your website.

Promotions: Promotion of your LinkedIn Marketing Page helps keep your Marketing Page in the limelight. Ask your employees to add your company to their personal LinkedIn profiles. This will later allow you to tap into their networks, in return, expanding your own network.

Next, you should promote your LinkedIn Marketing Page through your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Posting regularly on Instagram, while using proper tags will further ensure that your page maintains a good audience base.

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