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General Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is a fantastically cost-effective route to market.

While some of our articles go into a deep dive on its various components. Here are a few more general tips that can help you on a day to day basis.

1. Make it Simple to Unsubscribe

Why make it easy to unsubscribe?

Once you’ve got people on your list, you’ll likely want to do everything you can to keep them there. However, it creates a more positive experience. Someone might be interested in your service but just doesn’t want to receive emails anymore. If it’s hard to be removed from your list, that interest can quickly be forgotten, and go with a competitor. To solve this, it’s a simple unsubscribe link clear and easy to find at bottom of the email.

2. Use Mobile-Friendly Design

Check out these mobile email stats:

  • Emails that don’t render properly on mobile devices may get deleted in under three seconds

  • At least 50% of email opens happen on mobile devices

  • Mobile users check email 3x more frequently than desktop users

  • 52% are less likely to buy from a company if their mobile experience is poor

You need to provide subscribers with a mobile email experience. Make sure you’re using a responsive template for designed emails most email service providers should. If you’re working with a developer building HTML emails, explain the importance of optimising for mobile devices.

3. Add Alt-Text to Images and Buttons

Image alt-text helps tell web browsers and email clients more about the contents of an image. It’s useful for two reasons:

  • Helping the visually impaired understand what your images are

  • Providing context for images in case they can’t load

4. Send Email at the Best Times for Most Opens and Clicks

The best time to send an email will differ depending on your audience. There’s plenty of research to give us some solid starting points.

Check out our blog on times and days

5. Plan Your Email Schedule Around the Best Days to Send, Too

Start with a schedule that looks like this:


Tuesday- The best day to email

Wednesday- If you email twice a week, choose Thursday as your 2nd day

Thursday- Whilst Wednesday wasn’t popular it was mentioned several times


6. Manage Your Email Marketing Schedule on a Calendar

Calendars and planning tools create consistency. Consistency helps create results. Instead of slipping on your sending schedule, get it organised. Download an email calendar Or, use email integration to map out all your sends.

7. Optimise Your Email Sending Frequency

Consistency is key to success. That, however, doesn’t mean you should stick to doing things the same way you always have. Smart marketers optimise their approach based on performance data over time. Email marketing should be no exception. Once a month, consider analysing your email marketing sending frequency and note:

  • Which times perform best?

  • Which days perform best?

  • Do open rates appear to drop off once a certain number of emails are sent?

  • Are you getting a high number of complaints about excessive emails?

Gather this data and adjust your schedule accordingly.

8. Create Unique Email List Segments

The subscribers on your email list may have specific interests and different backgrounds. Sending the same messages to different groups of people might not always get you the same results. How could a marketer in this situation keep everyone equally engaged?

By segmenting their email list based on interests. Here’s how to get started using four different email service providers:

· Mailchimp - Get started with segments

· List segmentation in campaign monitor

· Active campaign - How do I create a segment of a list

· Constant contact - create a more targeted list

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