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Must Avoid Sales Email Mistakes

Email is an incredibly powerful tool. Many businesses have grown off the back of email campaigns and it could be key to selling more of your product or services. However, there are some mistakes to be aware of. From business data to the specifics of your email content, there is a lot to consider when it comes to sales emails. Not all emails are created equal and, in this guide, we will highlight five must avoid mistakes which could make the difference between being ignored and winning the sale.

Weak Subject Line

You probably expected this to make the list but that doesn’t make it any less deserving to be here. Strong subject lines are essential to successful email marketing and sales. No matter how good your emails are they will never convert if they don’t get read. Your subject line is key to convincing someone your email is worth reading or at least worth opening. Of course, don’t use clickbait – this might increase your open rates, but your conversions will be tiny. However, do be engaging and take the time to write something that catches the readers intention and compels them to open your email.

Poor Spelling And Grammar

There are several ways to reach out prospects. If you choose the written form it is important to utilise it properly. You need to demonstrate full control of the written word using correct spelling and grammar throughout your email. The recipient will use your email to infer a lot about you and your business. There is more in an email than just what you are saying. If you cannot take the time to proofread an email, how can they trust you to deliver the product or service you are pitching them?

Bad Formatting

Bad formatting can quickly dissuade a reader from continuing with your email. If met by a wall of text a recipient can easily become overwhelmed and not compelled to read your email. If an email is well presented and incorporates images and bullet points it can be for more appealing. Before committing to reading the finer details, readers will often skim an email for key points. If your reader can’t easily skim your email for the core details, they will click away and continue work through their inbox.

Being Impersonal

An impersonal email doesn’t connect with the recipient. It can feel like they have just been put into a mass email blast or that you don’t really know who they are – even if this isn’t the case. Taking the time to address the recipient by name and maybe include a few more specifics about them or their business is a fantastic way to stand out from an otherwise impersonal inbox.

Using Bad Data

One of the most important aspects of an email is the recipient's email address. Bad data can ruin an email campaign before it gets off the ground. Getting in the right inbox is crucial to an email's success. Bad data can send your emails to gatekeepers who are trained to ignore you, expired email addresses and irrelevant “prospects” rather than the decision-makers you really want to be speaking to.

Emails are a great way to get the attention of prospects. With a good email marketing list you can get directly in front of decision-makers but it is easy to waste the opportunity. There are many email mistakes which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of sales emails such as those listed above. By avoiding the mistake outlined in this post your emails have a much better chance of standing out, being opened and read and ultimately converting.

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