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Business Mailing Lists

In the challenging times of the 21st century, companies, charities and organisations will set out on their own adventures into the marketing world using inadequate business mailing lists.

What they thought was cheap and cheerful data could now bring them different challenges.

What seemed to be a bargain may bring in low response rates at its best and at worst it could bring questions of legality.

How can you protect yourself and your company from these dangerous deals?

Here are some important questions to ask, when purchasing business mailing lists for your sales and marketing campaigns:

Does the data match your market?

Data is the main part of your campaign. It must be relevant to work for you.

Are the names, numbers and addresses up to date?

Not only do businesses move, but also the key people may change job roles. What deliverability guarantees are offered?

Does the data match your target audience?

Quality analytical software can offer you more than just mapping your market.

Where does the information come from?

Check the sources used for the compiling of the lists and find out how reputable they are.

Are there any duplicates?

Everything else might be all right. However, if duplicates go to the same person at the same address, it can be off-putting.

Are the telephone numbers compliant?

Is the data monitored for Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and Corporate TPS (CTPS) compliance?

To answer all these criteria, the main question is, how does the information feel?

Is it raw, or refined? The more you use lists, the better you’ll become at spotting the mistakes.

You want to reach named senior decision makers. You want the whole campaign to enhance your company’s image in the marketplace. The only way to do that is to stay clear of cheap unreliable data and use professionals.

If your interest is business direct mail, telemarketing, email or a multi-channel campaign, professional and targeted is the road to success.

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