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All you need to know about outsourced telemarketing

Outsourced telemarketing has become popular. Like payroll, IT, or accounts, telemarketing is becoming a specialist skill that companies can’t do as well in-house.

Development and business strategy work better when done by dedicated in-house teams, who know the business. The experienced in-house teams can bring insight and perspective to these areas and can help the business to achieve its targets. Other functions, particularly those needing systems, training, or efficiency modelling may well deliver better value from external, specialist suppliers.


Using outsourced telemarketing will help companies achieve consistent, high-quality results. Experienced, skilled telemarketers are actually hard to find once you have a team you will need to provide a level of support to keep the motivation going creating positive results. This is easier if you have a marketing team that is all focused on doing the same job. In-house teams doing telemarketing alongside other tasks rarely have much success in the industry.

Feedback Systems in Outsourced

You’ll need to put in place regular training, monitoring, and feedback. A successful outsourced telemarketing team have available tools to identify and increase performance opportunities. Telemarketers know how they’re performing. This means team member efficiency and effectiveness are measured, reported and can be shared with clients. It’s known that frequent and positive feedback increases productivity within a team. Feedback can lead to outstanding performance if it’s done in the right way and with the correct intentions. Employees should know what they are doing well and not so well.

Technology Control Levers

Outsourced telemarketing requires advanced technology to benchmark and report telemarketing campaigns. These should include the number of records touched or performance controls for conversion rates and positive outcomes. They can confirm teams are well-informed and productive, while simultaneously making sure the customer experience is excellent. Carefully managed data and a good understanding means your campaigns will be GDPR compliant.

The Cost

Decisions about outsourcing areas of a business often come down to money. The more cost-effective a solution is, the more likely it is to be used. When it comes to telemarketing, outsourcing is more cost-effective than keeping it in-house, especially if your company only runs telemarketing campaigns a few times per year. You’ll also have the option to increase or decrease according to the needs of your business. In-house teams will be costly as they will be needed full-time all year round.

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