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8 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing in 2021

There is no doubt that email marketing is still one of the best ways to reach and engage new prospects, retain customers and get them to take action.

In this post, we offer 8 ways to help you improve on doing just that!

1. Build A List

There are many ways to build your email list.

The first port of call should be your customers and lapsed prospects.

Running campaigns promoting additional services, add-ons and re-engagement campaigns is fantastic way to generate revenue from the resources you have in-house a virtually no cost.

An opt-in form on your website whereby prospects can sign up to receive newsletters and content is also a great way to generate a database of prospects that have shown interest in your services, but it can take some time.

If you have clear ideas on where you audience is and are looking to speed the process up, you could purchase an email list from a reputable database supplier.

They will work with you to understand how to drill down into their database to extract your perfect audience.

2. Define Your Audience And Goals

Like any marketing channel, it is essential you define exactly who you are looking to target and what a successful response to the spend would be.

Decide exactly who you would like to send your communications to and what sort of content is likely to get the best response.

3. Segment Your Audience

Once you have your audience, you can filter them further to send super relevant content to each.

For example – you would send different content as part of re-engagement campaign than you would to your customer list or cold prospects.

Putting time into identifying segments within your database as whole pays dividends and helps you stay totally relevant to where they are in your buying cycle.

4. Get Personal

Personalisation is a key ingredient to boosting open, engagement and click through rates which in turn improves your bottom line.

Use the person’s name and speak to them directly in a tone that feels more conversational than corporate.

If you are talking to exiting clients and hold data on previous purchases, you can include this information to make it totally relevant to the relationship you have cultivated up until this point.

5. Write Valuable Content

If you don’t want to be seen as a spammer, make sure you send content that is actually of use to the recipient.

This is a great way to build authority in your market place and makes prospects more likely to believe you have the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems.

6. Write Like A Human

Don’t be a robot.

Nothing turns recipients off more that corporate jargon and features and benefits.

7. Include A CTA

A call to action is a vital component to an email marketing campaign.

Having spent time to craft your audience, build your list, create appealing content, the last thing you want to do is leave your message without asking the recipient to act.

What is the objective of your email? To drive traffic to a specific landing page? To buy directly? To call?

8. Write A Subject Line That Makes Your Email Irresistible To Open

Your subject line is absolutely key to success.

You want people to see the great content you have created right?

Well your subject line is essential to making that a reality.

Keep it short but make it interesting. Generate interest by posing a question or alluding to an offer.

When done properly, email marketing is a fantastically low-cost route to market for your products and services.

It should be a key weapon in your marketing arsenal and by following some of the tips above you should see results improve.

If you would like to speak to our expert team on how we can help your email marketing results simply drop us a line here.

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