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7 ways to maintain b2b data in your CRM in 2022

In our last article – the 4 main ways out of date crm data hurts your team - we looked at the impact out of date information held on your CRM system has on sales and marketing teams. In this one, we are going to provide a few practical ways you can go about keeping your crm up to date.

1. Make sure that everyone within the organisation knows that keeping the CRM system up to date is a team sport.

All too often we see opportunities within organisations to tidy up incorrect pieces of information, but due to a lack of responsibility taken, these opportunities are passed up by sales, marketing and even individuals in accounts departments to make changes.

The message needs to go out to everyone, loud and clear, it is everyone’s responsibility to make sure that the CRM is kept in tip top shape.

2. Use a data supplier to fill in missing information

By working with a trusted supplier, you can use them to fill in missing pieces of information on your CRM to give make it far more complete.

Full company names, postal addresses, postcodes, telephone numbers, contact names and email addresses can all be added.

As well as this, you could ask your team to make sure that every time they go onto a record that they a simply find at least one piece of missing information.

3. Fill in data in real time

Where possible, encourage users to input important information as they are getting it, rather than waiting until the days ends to do it.

We are all human after all, and it is natural to forget things. It’s great to get into the habit of updating information from sales meetings or client calls just after they have happened.

A lot of CRM’s now have apps which makes them even easier to update when on the move or between appointments.

4. It is an ongoing battle

As mentioned in our previous post, research done by Salesforce indicates that 70% of the data held on your CRM goes out of date annually.

That makes this a constant battle and must be looked upon as a daily task, not just a once-a-year clean-up operation.

This feeds into a common thread that is appearing throughout the tips. You need an all in it together spirit to maintain standards.

5. Flag gone ways

Using a data supplier to look over your data regularly is also a great idea. A monthly check will allow them to tell you if any of the numbers you hold have become TPS registered and inform you of businesses that are no longer trading.

There is an additional cost to be considered in going through such an exercise, but when weighed up against the wasted time of salespeople calling dead lines or marketing teams advertising to defunct businesses, it’s probably worth it.

6. Remove duplicate records

Having multiple records for the same contact not only skews important data, but it can also cause issues for both sales and marketing people and customers.

Try merging duplicate records together and create only one record for each customer or prospect.

This should help you see more accurate results when looking at customer data and metrics.

7. Hold regular CRM training sessions

This is particularly beneficial if you have a high turnover of staff, but it also works well for the old guard too.

As we have seen, keeping your CRM up to date, for most part is about setting standards and accepting responsibility.

Holding regular sessions to remind individuals of exactly what standards are expected is not a bad thing.

As always, if we can be of assistance to you with regards any of the topics covered, feel free to drop us a line to speak with an expert account manager.

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