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UK Fleet Buyers Database

Our Fleet Buyers Database is used by vehicle sourcing companies, leasing and contract hire companies and fleet related product and service providers to advertise their services directly to business owners, fleet decision makers and key procurement contacts within SME’s.

It provides a fantastic platform for sales and marketing teams to launch postal, telephone and email marketing campaigns to.

Its opt in, guaranteed accurate to industry high standards and fully compliant with the recent changes in legislation.

We hold over 60,000 records for these types of contacts within companies that have a fleet and a good credit rating (more if credit rating is not applicable to your services).

We offer clients the opportunity to select a bespoke database from the wider database of 60,000 that matches their marketing needs.

Each record contains:

· Company name

· Full postal address

· TPS checked telephone number

· The direct email address

· Contact name

· Number of employees

· Company turnover

· Type of business

· Credit rating

· Fleet size

· Number of PC’s

We guarantee the accuracy of our data to the following standards:

· 98% postal address accuracy

· 90% telephone number and contact name accuracy

· 90% email address accuracy

Should we fall below these industry high accuracy guarantees we are obliged to provide a like for like replacement.

Alongside the database, if required, we can also supply a bespoke HTML email design and three-month managed email campaign, which is designed to generate inbound enquiries from these businesses.

If you would like further information on how this database can help generate leads or to hear about our pricing, please contact us on 0333 444 0183 or drop us an email

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