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Could email marketing generate new business for your accountancy practice?

You might be like most firms. You keep in touch with your clients by email but are not taking full advantage of this route to market.

A consistent approach to email marketing is required but if you get it right, which we can help you do, it's a fantastic way to keep clients up to date with goings on that affect them.

You want your readers to be invited to come visit your website for more engaging content. Don't try to do it all in the email; your website is where clients will engage with your services.

Email marketing has garnered a bad reputation amongst many simply because it has been done badly. A good email marketing strategy not only drives enquires but also allows you to directly place your services in front of key decision makers that decide on which firm they decide to work with.

If you are already running email marketing in-house or are thinking about including it in your strategy, then please read through some of the key considerations detailed below. We hope they help. If you simply don't have the time or resources, feel free to give us a call today on 0333 444 0183 to see how we can help you grow your practice with email marketing.

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Key considerations:

Content is crucial

This is all dependent on your audience and your aims. Newsletters containing company news, testimonials, links to case studies and blog posts are effective and increase the recipients time with your brand.

Eye-catching content that focusses not only on accounting matters but also business strategy and financial tips is a great way to keep your list engaged and drive enquiries from them.

Calls to action matter

Emails raise awareness about your services but in order for them to be successful in achieving the desired goal, which is to channel the recipient to a certain course of action, be it picking up the phone and giving you a call or visiting specific pages on your website, you need to include calls to action.

These should be highlighted in bold text, images or buttons, to increase click-throughs and send recipients directly to the content you want them to engage with.

Repeat your calls to action and make sure they appear above the fold, the higher the better.

Design really is important

Make sure your HTML is set correctly and test it before sending out.

Avoid using large images because they will simply appear as a large blank space in a lot of your recipient’s email clients.

Be mindful of the resolution and file size of your images. Too big will cause a delay in the time it takes a mail to render, your recipients have a very short attention span. They won’t waste time waiting for your email to sort itself out.

Don’t overdo it with images. Use them to demonstrate your core message and calls to action.

Know who you are dealing with

Good data is vital to an effective email marketing campaign. You could create fantastic content, place calls to actions perfectly and create a beautiful design but it will be a total waste of time if it’s not going to the right people. Always be aware of that.

The best thing about email marketing is that it is measurable and gives you tangible results. It will tell you a huge amount about the type of content your audience like and want to engage with.

If you would like to shortcut learning a lot of this and find out what is working for other practices, then please give us a call today on 0333 444 0183.

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