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50 Sales Stats for Sales Professionals

Purchasing decisions

1. 70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve a problem, whereas 30% make decisions to gain something. [Impact Communications]

2. Before a buyer speaks to sales, 57% of their journey is already complete. [Corporate Executive Board]

3. Only 4% of your website visitors are ready to commit. [Marketo]

Initial leads

4. You’re 9 more likely to convert a web lead if you reply within 5 minutes. []

5. You’re 60 times more likely to convert a web lead if you reply within an hour – compared to waiting 24 hours. [Harvard Business Review]

6. 60% of people requesting information from you will not commit to buy for more than 12 months. [Marketing Donut]

7. According to marketers, organic traffic (23%) is cited as the best source of leads, followed by by referrals (17.5%) and email marketing (16%). [Formstack]

Qualifying leads

8. 44% of B2B brands fail to qualify leads before passing them to sales. [MarketingSherpa]

9. Only 42% of sales professionals feel that they’re equipped with enough information to make a call. [Lattice Engine]

10. Just 27% of B2B leads are sales-ready. [MarketingSherpa]

Calling prospects

11. 80% of prospects require 5 follow-up calls before committing, but only 56% of sales professionals make more than 1 call. [Marketing Donut]

12. On average, sales professionals make 2 attempts to reach a prospect. [Sirius Decisions]

13. The tone we adopt on the phone is more than 4 times as important as the words we use. [ContactPoint]

14. The worst times to call someone are Monday mornings or Friday afternoons. [RingDNA]

15. The best times are Wednesday or Thursday, either first thing or between 4pm and 6pm. [RingDNA]

16. Voicemails perform better when they’re between 8 and 14 seconds long. [The Sales Hunter]

17. 75% of executives are happy to book an appointment or attend an event following only a call. [DiscoveryOrg]

18. Only 15% of prospects are satisfied with their experiences over the phone. [Salesforce]

Email marketing

19. Email performs 40 times better than Facebook or Twitter in terms of acquiring new customers. [McKinsey]

20. Each day, the average buyer receives over 100 emails and clicks through on just 2% of them. [Tellwise]

21. Emails sent on Tuesdays are more likely to be opened. [Experian]

22. Conversation rates increase by 10% when emails are personalised. [Aberdeen Group]

23. Adding the recipient’s name into the subject line increases open rates. [Retention Science]

24. Subject lines that contain more than 3 words result in a 60% lower open rate. [ContactMonkey]

25. Adding the word “quick” into a subject line decreases open rates by 17%. [HubSpot]

26. Emails without a subject line at all are 8% more effective. [HubSpot]

27. 65% of customers prefer emails which contain mainly images. [HubSpot]

28. 61% enjoy receiving weekly promotional emails. [Marketing Sherpa]

29. 28% would prefer the frequency of promotional emails to be increased. [Marketing Sherpa]


30. Only 11% of sales professionals ask for referrals, but 91% of customers are happy to give them. [Dale Carnegie]

31. Customers who have been referred are 4 times more likely to commit. [Neilsen]

32. Referred customers have a lifetime value which is 16% higher than the non-referred. [Journal of Marketing]

33. 65% of new business is derived from referrals. [New York Times]


34. 96% of sales professionals use LinkedIn for at 6 hours each week. [The Sales Management Association]

35. LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for 62% of B2B brands. [Content Marketing Institute]

36. 45% of marketers have used LinkedIn to gain new customers. [Quick Sprout]

37. Customers are 71% more likely to reply on LinkedIn when the sales professional mentions something specific relating to their job. [LinkedIn]

38. 75% of B2B customers expect sales professionals to provide some unique insight before they commit to a large purchase.

Content marketing

39. 68% of customers feel better about a brand after viewing content. [iMedia Connection]

40. Only 35% of sales professionals can find content to send a prospect. [Kapost]

41. 83% of B2B brands use content marketing to generate leads. [MarketingProfs]

42. 70% of B2B marketers cite videos as the most effective content marketing tool to gain new leads. [Vidyard]

43. Each day, on average, 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared. [LinkedIn]

44. Articles that include images pick up 94% more views. [Jeff Bullas]

45. Just 24% of content marketers are remembering sales enablement. [Hubspot]


46. 71% of sales professionals feel that they spend too much time on data entry. [Toutapp]

47. 88% of lost opportunities are due to sales teams not being able to leverage internal resources. [Qvidian]

48. Only 32% of B2B brands have identified their funnel. [MarketingSherpa]

49. 49% of marketers are not measuring ROI. [The B2B Barometer]

And finally…

50. Outsourcing your lead generation is 43% more efficient than doing it in-house. [Fearless Competitor]

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