Maximise your response rates with targeted b2b email lists

b2b Email Address Lists

Select from over 1 million b2b email addresses to pinpoint the right contacts.

Email marketing is cost-effective and we can help you maximise ROI by advising on the best ways to drill down into the b2b data we supply. 

b2b Email Address Lists You Can Trust

Reach The Right People With b2b Email Address Lists

Email is a key channel for sales and marketing. However, many businesses waste money and time emailing the wrong addresses. Whether you are not reaching the inbox, are using outdated contact information, or are reaching gatekeepers rather than decision-makers you need better data to work with.


Our b2b Email Database Helps You Save Time And Money

Email marketing could help you win a windfall of new customers. Though. If you’re using a bad email list database it is more likely to eat your most precious resources – time and money – with very little reward to show for it. If you are serious about your business email marketing efforts and want to see real returns you need to invest in a high quality, targeted email address list.


Outdated data means you could be reaching inactive email addresses. This can disrupt your interpretation of data making open rates seem lower than they are in proportion to the actual number of people you are reaching. With good data you can avoid this and other discrepancies which can produce inaccurate or misleading analytics. Better email lists result in better data and better data means you can make more informed decisions when optimising our campaign. 

Enquire About Our b2b Email Address Lists

If you are ready to save time and money on your email marketing and earn higher ROIs through more targeted campaigns get in touch. We would love to discuss your requirements and what an up to date and targeted email list could do for your business. With access to over 1 million email addresses, we can help you reach the people you are looking for no matter who they are. To learn more call about or email list databases start by emailing us at Or if you would prefer to call, you can reach us on 0191 406 6399.

frequently asked questions

from Where are your b2b email lists  sourced?


We work with the UK's leading b2b email list aggregator who have been voted 'Outstanding b2b Data Provider of the Year' for a record 5 times.


They take the very best parts of the top five data houses in the UK which they then use to create their b2b email list master master file, which we then supply from.

HOw accurate are your b2b email lists?


The b2b email lists we supply is guaranteed accurate to industry high standards.


Our b2b email lists must achieve a minimum of: 98% postal address accuracy, 90% telephone number and contact name accuracy

90% email address accuracy


Should we fall below any of the above minimum benchmarks we are obliged to provide a like for like replacement.


This means that customers can buy from us with total confidence, knowing that they have a safety net in place.

when were your b2b email lists last cleansed?


As you can imagine, to maintain a b2b email lists and to meet the minimum accuracy guarantees, it is continually being cleansed, checked and verified.


The main b2b data houses run a through screening and cleansing process via telemarketing before our media partner then runs an ongoing 40-point quality check monthly. These practices combined ensure that the b2b email lists we supply is always at its peak.

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